4 Podcasts I can’t get enough of


When my husband started listening to podcasts a couple years ago I just thought it was a regression of technology. My thoughts were: “Are hipsters now trying to bring back old school radio?”. No judgement on hipsters or their love for old-school stuff. I couldn’t be bothered because whatever he was intently listening to, I was falling asleep to. So I just made an uninformed generalization that all podcasts must be super boring.

Fast-forward 2 years…

…when one of my friends told me she listens to a podcast while walking. I then looked into what this whole podcast situation was and found out that there were a TON of different channels one can subscribe to that cover a variety of different topics. Then my thought was: “I can do an activity while educating/entertaining myself at the same time?”. It was at this point that my innate desire to multitask took over and before I knew it, a podcast app was downloaded, plenty channels subscribed to and far too many episodes were readily available for my curious ears. I then told my husband like it was my idea in the first place.

And now I’m HOOKED!

I listen to at least one 50-60 minute podcast episode a day. It has made mundane tasks like walking, cooking, cleaning and driving something I thoroughly look forward to doing. Instead of listening to music while taking a bath, I now listen to a podcast! And they really can appeal to any listener. Have an interest in knitting? There is most likely going to be a channel you can subscribe to related to knitting. Interested in gut health? Well I know for sure there is a podcast out there that will interest you. Seriously though, sport, healthy eating, comedians, inventions, thriller series, history etc. IT’S ALL OUT THERE! Perhaps you like listening to fictional stories or maybe you’re like me and like listening to anything related to health and wellness, maybe you like both!! The options are endless.

You can download a podcast app onto your phone or tablet that should have all the best podcast channels available to search.

Here is a list of the best free apps for android and iPhone (1) (2):

  • BeyondPod Podcast Manager (Android)
  • DoggCatcher Podcast Player (Android)
  • Pocket Casts (Android)
  • Podcast and Radio Addict. (Android – I use this one!)
  • Podkicker (Android)
  • Stitcher Radio (Android, iOS)
  • SoundCloud (Android, iOS)
  • Overcast (iOS)
  • Pod Wrangler (iOS)
  • TuneIn Radio (iOS)
  • Podbean (iOS)

When I first downloaded the app, like I previously mentioned, I didn’t know what or who to search for. So I just searched “most popular” and picked what sounded interesting. To be honest, I think I subscribed to like 25 podcasts. Who has time to listen to episodes from 25 podcasts?! Over achiever much? But over a few weeks of trial and error I finally tailored the subscriptions and now only have 4 channels that I frequently listen to plus one or two that I’ll tap into if I’m up to date with all the others. New episodes are usually available weekly, bimonthly or monthly depending on the host. 

Top 4 podcasts that I listen to:

  1. The Model Health Show (All about health, wellness and a splash of fitness) – 50-70 minutes per episode
  2. Balanced Bites (All about Paleo living – food, health and wellness) – 45-65 minutes per episode
  3. The Chalene Show (All about health, fitness, business and lifestyle) – 10-60 minutes per episode
  4. The Nutrition Diva (All about eating well and feeling fabulous) – 6-10 minutes per episode

No more dreading house work, traveling or exercise. Are you already an avid podcaster? What do you listen to?


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