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Fully Well By Mel - About Me

Hi there, my name is Mel,


I would never have thought 10 years ago that my life and career would center around health and well-being, because what led me to this point was not pretty…

My entire childhood, teen years and early adulthood was riddled with digestive discomfort, headaches, sinusitis and anxiety. This was normal for me and no doctor I went to told me it could be different.

When I finally started to do my own research and take matters into my own hands at the age of 22, I was in total awe that it was possible to feel better. 

Much, much better

No bloating, no fatigue, no headaches, no sinus issues or constantly getting sick. I felt lighter, more comfortable in my own skin, more energetic and rearing to show others how this could be a reality for them!

I then enrolled in a school for Integrative Nutrition to learn how to help others who might be experiencing similar issues that I thought were normal and irreversible.

With a psychology and counseling background, I started to help clients with the emotional and mental challenges that come with health-related issues as well as using my Integrative Nutrition training to guide them into making the right choices for them.

Calorie counting, fad diets, and restriction are a thing of the past and is something I stay well away from.

For us to make lasting changes and create a life that we love, we need to develop a healthy relationship with food, trust and love our bodies and learn to tap into our inner voice.

I believe that food is only one aspect of health.

We are complex beings and if given the chance, our bodies can heal. But that means taking a look at and optimizing our sleep, relationships, stress management, career, thought processes and patterns, values and beliefs, etc.

I believe that each individual is unique and so should be our approach to health.

This is called bio individuality. I love teaming with my clients to unravel the beautiful and intricate web that makes them who they are to establish the right path forward for optimal health and vitality.

My approach is gentle, holistic and client-focused.

I believe that our bodies give us so much information each and every day and if one is supported and guided in the right way, one can tap into that intuition. Our thoughts feed our emotions which impact our behaviour. Thought management as well as honing in on our intuition allows us the space to make small but powerful and lasting changes.

Fully Well By Mel - My Story
Fully Well By Mel - My Story
Fully Well By Mel - My Story

When I’m not coaching clients or working on content, I am kept really busy as a mom to two beautiful boys. Our little family of four live on a small farm in the Natal Midlands.


Get one-on-one coaching with me where I support and guide you in making diet and lifestyle adjustments to help you reach your goals and thrive!


Work at your own pace using one of my guides to support you through making positive changes in your life.

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