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Solids and sleep

How do Solids Impact Baby Sleep?

Baby sleep is hard enough, now we’ve got to figure out how to manage solids on top of this too?! As a first time Mum NO-ONE told me that what I fed my baby was going to have an impact on sleep. Then I became a sleep consultant and boy did I experience a steep…

Holding baby

Want to Change the Way Your Baby Falls Asleep?

Changing the way your baby falls asleep, in other words, changing their sleep association, can be quite difficult for them (but not always). If you’re rocking, holding, bouncing or feeding your baby and you want to move a way from this for whatever reason, read on to find out more. Let me start by helping…

Newborn stretching

5 Tips to Fix Your Newborn’s Day Night Confusion

I remember this happening with both my babies. They would sleep so well in the day and then just when I settled in to bed for the night, they were wide awake! Oh man, my heart would sink as I desperately tried to keep my eyes open and tried my best to settle this very…

Baby awake

How To Get Back On Track With Your Baby’s Sleep After The Holidays!

As much as we all love the holidays, they can definitely throw a wrench in our normal routines – especially when it comes to our baby’s sleep. Between all the excitement and possibly being out of our usual environment, it’s not uncommon for babies to have disrupted sleep during the holiday season. But now that…

baby with dummy

Will Ditching the Dummy Help with my Baby’s Sleep? (PLUS a free guide on How to Ditch the Dummy)

My oldest took a dummy beautifully and my youngest wanted nothing to do with it! I had two very different experiences with both of their sleep as a result. When my oldest hit the 4 month sleep regression he started waking every 2 hours needing help to replace the dummy. Thank goodness this stopped after…

Toddler awake

9 Reasons Why Your Toddler Is Waking Up All Night

You know those nights when you wake up the next morning and it’s just a blurr. How many times did I get up to resettle him? I lost track after 5! Yip, I’ve been there. This Mama didn’t become a sleep consultant out of thin air. The struggle was real and I made it my…

Sleep train baby

Should I Sleep Train my Baby for Better Sleep?

Firstly, I really don’t love the phrase “sleep train”. This is an outdated term and was what professionals and parents referred to back in the day when babies were left alone to cry. When you hear “sleep training” you might automatically think of Cry It Out – a terribly traumatising method for both parents and…


Sourdough Workshops

Learn all you need to know about sourdough! From the starter to hydration and gluten development to the techniques used to stretch the dough for pizza bases. You will also learn the basics of sourdough to use in other sourdough recipes. Join in on the fun and deliciousness! Time: 8am – 1pmDate: Saturday 17th SeptemberVenue:…

Mom and baby

My Sleep Philosophy

This whole sleep thing is hard, Mama, I get it. I’ve been there with my own kids, in fact, I’m still going through it with my youngest! The key is to find balance between getting your little one the sleep that they need and also meeting their emotional needs as well as yours as the…

Home Birth Story

My Home Birth Story

I’m so excited to FINALLY share my home birth story with you all (only 7 weeks post-birth ;)). My doula, Pam, took notes during the whole experience and I filled in some of the gaps to put my story together to share with all of you. So here it goes… Just after midnight on May…

Cover image to show treat pictures

My Favourite Treats for the Festive Season

Yes I know, I haven’t written a blog post in ages! But guys here’s the deal, I started a cafe and then got pregnant so a lot was going down but also a lot was not going down if you know what I mean…When I hit 16 weeks I got my energy back as well…

Sleep well

These 5 Simple Steps May Drastically Improve Your Sleep

Sleep has been SO remarkably underrated and undervalued these days. Does “sleep when you’re dead” or “sleep is for the weak” ring any bells? This narrative is what has contributed to our population’s general state of poor health. What if I told you that by making simple adjustments to your sleep habits, you could drastically…