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Sourdough Workshops

Learn all you need to know about sourdough! From the starter to hydration and gluten development to the techniques used to stretch the dough for pizza bases. You will also learn the basics of sourdough to use in other sourdough recipes. Join in on the fun and deliciousness! Time: 8am – 1pmDate: Saturday 17th SeptemberVenue:…

Home Birth Story

My Home Birth Story

I’m so excited to FINALLY share my home birth story with you all (only 7 weeks post-birth ;)). My doula, Pam, took notes during the whole experience and I filled in some of the gaps to put my story together to share with all of you. So here it goes… Just after midnight on May…

Cover image to show treat pictures

My Favourite Treats for the Festive Season

Yes I know, I haven’t written a blog post in ages! But guys here’s the deal, I started a cafe and then got pregnant so a lot was going down but also a lot was not going down if you know what I mean…When I hit 16 weeks I got my energy back as well…

Sleep well

These 5 Simple Steps May Drastically Improve Your Sleep

Sleep has been SO remarkably underrated and undervalued these days. Does “sleep when you’re dead” or “sleep is for the weak” ring any bells? This narrative is what has contributed to our population’s general state of poor health. What if I told you that by making simple adjustments to your sleep habits, you could drastically…

Creamy and Delicious Green Smoothie with Kale or Spinach

Creamy Delicious Green Smoothie

It’s amazing how good vegetables are for your body. They’re packed with vitamins, and the denser and leafier they are, the better they are for your body. But unfortunately, so many of us don’t get enough vegetables in our diet. The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can sneak more vegetables in, either through…


How To Get Through This COVID-19 Hysteria and My Top Tips on Staying Healthy

Firstly, don’t get hysterical. That literally helps no one.  In fact, all it does is make you more susceptible to a weakened immune system. I must admit that at times I do get sucked into the hype around COVID-19 and it’s only ever after reading something on social media or hearing something in the news. …


5 Things To Do When Your Energy Hits Rock Bottom

It’s 3pm and you’ve hit an all time energy low, or you’ve woken up at 6am feeling like you were hit by a bus in the night. Sound familiar? Ain’t nobody got time for an energy low am I right? There are far too many people to see, places to go and thing to do….

Perfect Health -1080x675

Release Yourself From The Pressure To Have Perfect Health

Do you meditate? Go to Yoga? Drink green juice? Journal? Do deep Breathing? Have you tried a raw diet? Added in fermented foods? You’re probably gluten intolerant. Maybe you should try keto? Or paleo? How are your stress levels? There are a million and one health practices that we are bombarded with daily. The pressure…

Goal setting

What Health and Wellness Goals Will You Set for 2020?

Are you planning to improve your health and wellness goals in 2020? If the past year hasn’t gone quite as you planned on the health and wellbeing front, the New Year is a great time to think about where you’d like to be – both this time next year and much further down the line….


Why using natural deodorant is so important (and a review of my favorite one right now!)

In light of breast cancer awareness month I thought I’d highlight the importance of using natural deodorant. Studies have shown that using antiperspirant under the armpits is linked to an increase risk in breast cancer. This is due mostly to the fact that it is applied close to the breast and contains harmful chemicals that are…


Blueberry, Banana and Chia Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

My energy has been a bit low these days and you know what happens when our energy is low? We generally crave sugar. When these cravings come on it’s important to have healthy food on hand like the ingredients in this easy smoothie recipe to avoid turning to the unhealthy and refined stuff. Blueberries are…


Surprising Benefits of Mindful Eating (plus tips to get you started)

It can be easier to lose weight when you’re eating mindfully but there are plenty of other reasons to adopt a more mindful approach to your eating habits, even if you’re not actively looking to slim down. From getting to grips with emotional eating to improving your digestion, mindful eating can have some seriously impressive…