Do you feel

- stuck?
- overwhelmed?
- tired of trying things only for them to fizzle out?
- constantly exhausted?
- like you are your own worst enemy?
- uncomfortable in your own skin?

I have two options for you - work with me directly or work by yourself. However you work best, we can figure out an option that suits you best!
Fully Well By Mel - Services, Let's work together

Are you ready to take action?

Quite often we set out to make healthier choices and change our lifestyle for the better but fall short each time. Want to know the biggest reason why?

A lack of personalised guidance, support and accountability.
Fully Well By Mel - Work with Me
One-on-one coaching with me will help you to reach your health goals for the following reasons:
  • We explore and rewire subconscious patterns that are holding you back from reaching your goals

  • You will learn to love your body and the food you eat

  • I help you find a unique diet and lifestyle that works for YOU

  • You will receive constant support from me through email/instant message communication

  • You will receive help with an eating plan, menu ideas and recipes

  • I provide relevant recommendations for your unique health concerns

  • Together we work towards establishing a way of living that is sustainable and leads to greater success in other areas of your life.

Work with me directly

Fully Well By Mel - Direction Program


Once-off session

This is for you if you are just wanting some guidance on how to move forward. You will receive one or two recommendations that will help you take the first steps towards reaching your goals.

Fully Well By Mel - Kickstart Program


6 week program

This is for you if you want direction and then continued guidance for implementing changes over a 6 week period. Learn fundamental tools to break through any barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals. This program will give you the launchpad that you need to continue along your health journey.


• 3 video or telephonic sessions

• Unlimited access to me via email for support between sessions

• My Eat to Thrive ebook

Fully Well By Mel - Transformation Program


3 Month program

This program is for you if you’re looking for direction, guidance and support over a longer period. This gives us time to uncover key areas that need to be worked on in order to reach your goals. We dive deep into clearing what’s holding you back, implementing strategies that will work for you and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle free from guilt, restriction and overwhelm.

DIY Programs

Fully Well By Mel - Eat To Thrive Guide

Eat to Thrive - A 21 Day Healthy Eating, Immune Boosting Guide
Price - $21.95

This guide takes out the overwhelm around healthy eating and is packed with great information on what foods to avoid and what foods to include, a 21 day guide, healthy shopping list, 7 day meal plan sample and loads of delicious and easy recipes! This is a great way to get on track with your health.

Fully Well By Mel - 30 day wellness transformation

30 Day Wellness Transformation Program
Price - $19.95

This program is designed to teach you healthier habits and to provide you with a holistic perspective on wellness. This is not your average program. While food and exercise play an important role in health and wellness, in order to reach your true wellness goals, you must dig deeper and set a solid foundation. If you are wanting to ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle through a gentle and enjoyable approach then this program is for you. To be truly well, a person has to be well from the inside out. Along with this ebook guide, are guided emails to help get you started on each week of the program.

Fully Well By Mel - Services, Let's work together


Let's collaborate

When it comes to working together...

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