Grain-free Chocolate Beet Cake


Chocolate cake is a classic. So everyone needs a go-to chocolate cake recipe right? That includes me, gluten, grain and sugar-free me! But let me tell you, this guy tastes so chocolatey and decadent that you would never miss the gluten or the sugar. Bring on the nut flour, beets and cacao to make this ultimate Grain-free Chocolate Beet Cake!

I know what you might be thinking…does it taste like beetroot? Who would want a chocolate cake that tastes like a vegetable? Let me stop you there. No need to worry, the beetroot only offers the moist texture, sweet flavour and rich colour. Like that’s not enough to make you all go running to buy beets for this recipe. 

You can choose to either boil or steam the beets. I wash them first and then pop them straight into a pot to boil until soft. When they’re done, let them cool for a bit and then you can just slide the skin right off, yip it’s that easy! The beets along with the wet ingredients get mixed in a blender then added to the dry ingredients before going in the oven to bake for almost an hour.

Now let’s talk chocolate sauce…totally a last minute decision but a genius one at that. Just when I thought it couldn’t get more decadent and delicious. I used honey, coconut oil and cacao powder although you can substitute the honey for an equal amount of date paste and the coconut oil for butter. 

Enjoy with some coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Or not. It’s entirely up to you. 

Grain-free Chocolate Beet Cake
A decadent chocolate cake made from beets!
For the cake
  1. 300 g beets
  2. 1/2 cup almond/hazelnut milk
  3. 1/3 cup coconut oil
  4. 1/3 cup honey/date puree
  5. 3 eggs
  6. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  7. 3/4 cup almond flour
  8. 1/4 cup desiccated coconut
  9. 1/2 cup tapioca starch
  10. 2/3 cup cacao powder
  11. 1 tsp baking soda
  12. 1/2 tsp baking powder
  13. 1/2 tsp salt
For the chocolate sauce
  1. 2 Tbs honey/date puree
  2. 2 Tbs coconut oil/butter
  3. 2 Tbs cacao powder
  1. Preheat the oven to 180 deg C.
  2. Steam or boil the beets until soft. When cooled down, peel the skin off and cut off any hard bits.
  3. Place the beets in a blender with all the wet ingredients and blend until smooth.
  4. Mix the dry ingredients well then add wet ingredients to dry (can be done in the blender or in a bowl).
  5. Put in a greased cake tin or glass oven dish for 45-50 minutes or until a knife pulls out almost clean (you don't want it to be too dry).
  6. Remove from the oven and let cool slightly.
  7. Mix together all the chocolate sauce ingredients.
  8. Can be served warm with the chocolate sauce and some coconut cream or let cool completely then use the sauce as icing.
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