My Sleep Philosophy

This whole sleep thing is hard, Mama, I get it. I’ve been there with my own kids, in fact, I’m still going through it with my youngest! The key is to find balance between getting your little one the sleep that they need and also meeting their emotional needs as well as yours as the parent. One approach does not fit all. I’m here to help you find a way to teach your little one how to get great sleep in a way that respects both your parenting style and your baby’s unique temperament.

Mom and baby

I truly believe that baby’s have the ability to sleep well but that it is our job as parents to help them acquire these skills. Most of the time it is harder for the parents than it is for their little one. But it is important that we take the opportunity to step back and allow our babies to learn new skills. Of course this comes with frustration and communication on their part, but we will always be there to respond and support them through it. By affording them the opportunity to learn these new skills and self-regulate (when it is developmentally appropriate), we are setting them up for healthy and independent sleep. We are not neglecting our child; we are equipping them with important skills! A child needs good sleep for growth and development, and they need to be able to trust you to help them get there. But this takes intuition on your part, knowing when to step back and when to offer more help.

My approach is based on the following 4 elements:

  • Holistic approach to sleep

There is so much that goes into your little one sleeping well. We will look at awake times, nap lengths and timing, feeding, sleep environment and then of course gently teaching your baby to self-settle.

  • Parent-centred

I want to make sure you feel empowered with need-to-know information on baby sleep. My goal is to help you understand all that goes into successful sleep while encouraging you to tap into your intuition as a parent to get to know what it is your baby needs for this to be successful. I want to support you by offering guidance that is in alignment with your parenting style.

  • Flexible

As we work together on your little one’s sleep it is important that you are consistent and hold to the boundaries that we have set so as to not confuse your baby in the process. Intermittent reinforcement can do more harm than good and so it’s imperative that we choose a method and stick with it. But, with that being said, there is still room for flexibility as we adjust the process if things aren’t working or if you feel uncomfortable at any point.

  • Support and Accountability

What really sets the work that I do apart from other programs/books/guides etc. is the support and accountability. I am here to support you through making these changes and hold you accountable to the method we’ve chosen and the boundaries we’ve set to help your little one sleep better.

If you want to find out a little bit more about what it would be like to work with me, schedule a free 20 minute discovery call!

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