5 Tips to Stay on Track Over the Weekend


Ever wonder why it is so hard to get back on track on a Monday? Perhaps you are like so many and have major food cravings, feel exhausted and a little depressed on that dreaded first day of the week. This might not just be because you dislike your job or coworkers. Below are some ways you can make Mondays feel A LOT better.

1. Stick to your usual sleep routine

The biggest mistake we could make is to suddenly change up our sleep routine over the weekend. By just going to bed an hour or two later, our circadian rhythm is altered and by Monday we get what has been termed ‘social jetlag’. When we upset our circadian rhythm, stress levels rise, food cravings set in, fat burning gets turned off and we compromise our immune system.

Staying close to your regular sleep patterns on the weekend will allow your body to regulate all these things.

2. Stay Nourished

By the time Friday comes around and after what felt like the longest workweek, a scarce fridge may result in unhealthy choices. A quick phone call to your favorite takeout place sounds way more appealing than running to the grocery store and having to cook something up for dinner. We all know our Friday-selves too well.

Make sure to stock your fridge full of nutritious foods for the weekend so that you have healthy options. Use the free time to have fun in the kitchen and experiment with different recipes. You’ll end up feeling good about yourself, full of energy and ready to roll into Monday effortlessly.

3. Limit alcohol

Alcohol isn’t necessarily your best friend if you want to stay on the health train. It decreases your body’s ability to burn fat, increases appetite, makes you crave sugar and also disturbs your sleep. Avoid binge drinking and opt for delicious, healthy and alcohol-free drinks (read under heading below). This will keep you motivated to stay healthy on the weekend and improve how you feel come Monday morning 😉

4. Stay hydrated

When you’re out of your weekly routine its easy to forget to drink as much water as you’re drinking during the week. Dehydration leaves you feeling sluggish and unmotivated to stick with your commitment to being healthy. And did you know that your body sometimes confuses thirst for hunger?! Stay hydrated with water and try out some healthy drink options like soda water with lime, coconut water or cold pressed sugar-free juices (carrot juice is my fave!).

5. Keep moving

Do you long for the weekends so that you can be a couch potato and catch up on all your favourite tv shows? I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this slows your blood flow, decreases your energy levels and sends you craving sugar for more energy! I’m not saying you need to do intense training at the gym or go run a half-marathon. Sure, head to the gym if that’s your thing but going for a walk in a park, a hike, a leisurely bicycle ride around town or even some yoga will keep you feeling energized and motivated to stay on track.


What do you do to re-energize on the weekend?


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