Cajun Sausage and Veggie Casserole


Well hello there lovely people. I’m so excited about this dish. Who doesn’t love a good casserole? And yes it is my second casserole recipe in a relatively short space of time but I’m not ashamed.This Cajun Sausage and Veggie Casserole will make your tummy smile, it’s the ultimate comfort food dish AND get this…it’s GOOD for you!! 

I chose gluten-free chicken and pork sausages. Did you know that most store-bought sausages contain wheat, corn and sugar?? Make sure you ask your butcher what the heck is inside them wieners before you innocently consume a whole bunch of who-knows-what.

That goes for anything really, be mindful of what goes in your belly by taking the time to really know what ingredients you are buying. Just the other day I almost tossed a bag of sweet potato chips in my basket before I read the actual ingredients and quickly returned them to their rightful place. I just wanted them sweet potatoes without the sugar you know? So I press on to slave over making my own 😉 

Back to the casserole. I just love them. They’re so quick and easy. This one just made use of one pot and one oven dish. I browned the sausages first in the pot then set them aside to cool.

Then I fried the onions and garlic and added the veg with the seasoning. The stock and tomato paste followed shortly after and I let that simmer for a bit.

All this went into the oven dish with the sausage that got cut into smaller pieces, then covered with tin foil and left to cook in the oven for 45-60 minutes. 

It makes quite a nice amount of gravy so I would recommend serving it with some sweet potato mash, cauli rice or any soaking side of your choice! We just had it in a bowl and ate the gravy like soup 😉

Cajun Sausage and Veggie Casserole
A comforting dish that is delicious and healthy!
  1. 1 Tbs coconut oil
  2. 400 g gluten-free pork or chicken sausages
  3. 1 medium onion chopped
  4. 1 tsp crushed garlic
  5. 1 tsp cajun seasoning
  6. 1 cup baby tomatoes
  7. 1 medium zucchini chopped
  8. 2 medium carrots chopped
  9. 1 cup bone broth/stock
  10. 1 Tbs tomato paste
  11. salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat the oven to 180 deg C
  2. Using a little bit of the coconut oil, brown the sausages in a medium saucepan
  3. When brown set aside in a medium size oven dish
  4. Fry the onions in the remainder of the coconut oil until translucent
  5. Add the garlic and cook for a minute then add the rest of the veggies
  6. Stir well and add the cajun seasoning, tomato paste, broth and salt and pepper
  7. Bring to a simmer then turn off heat
  8. Cut the sausages into smaller pieces then add the veggies into the dish
  9. Cover with tinfoil and cook in the oven for up to an hour (or until carrots are soft)
  10. Enjoy with cauli rice or sweet potato mash or just in a bowl like we did!
  1. Add more sausages if you would like more protein and if your dish can fit more, but just bare in mind it might increase the cooking time 🙂
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