Why using natural deodorant is so important (and a review of my favorite one right now!)


In light of breast cancer awareness month I thought I’d highlight the importance of using natural deodorant.

Studies have shown that using antiperspirant under the armpits is linked to an increase risk in breast cancer. This is due mostly to the fact that it is applied close to the breast and contains harmful chemicals that are passed transdermally. It has also been revealed that the aluminum (which is the active ingredient in deodorant) has an estrogen-like effect in the body. An excess of estrogen results in a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

I once heard that we shouldn’t put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t eat. This is because we absorb whatever we put on it. Just like I wouldn’t eat a bowl of aluminum sprinkled with parabens, so I wouldn’t want to paste this under the ol’ pits.


It is not too late to make the switch! Look out for products that are free from aluminum, sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances.

My absolute favorite natural deodorant right now is Pure Beginnings Eco Roll On. I love that this brand focuses on providing organically formulated skin care products that are environmentally friendly and so safe for our skin. They have a range of natural fragrances (revitalizing fresh mint is the one I love most) and they are so affordable! I use this roll on every morning and don’t stress a bit about B.O. near the end of the day.

Go on and give it a try, you might be surprised how effective it is while having peace of mind from the first application!

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